Do you do custom orders?

Yes I do commissions / custom orders! For more information visit the commissions page here.

What do you use to create your Twitch Packs?

PROCREATE: For the illustrations that a lot of my packs will have, it could be planets, trees, cats etc!

INDESIGN: Placing everything together, designing all of the layouts.

PHOTOSHOP: Starting/ending screens - simple text animation

SHUTTER ENCODER: To convert alerts into WEBM format.

COOLORS.CO: For browsing colour palettes or creating my own.

ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS: Alert animation and transition animation

Twitch Sizing Details

Packs/screens: 16:9 (1920x1080px)
Cam and screen display frames: 16:9
Alerts: 1:1
Panels: 16:5 (320x100px)